The 2000 rendering tells three stories: the process by which the cars were done; the first sixteen cars that I designed (I thought I had better set the record straight after the 1998 screw-up!); an enlargement of the Hot Wheels theme car that I designed back in 1967. It’s an “any car” because we felt the car on the blister pack should not be a specific car but rather a generic automobile with Hot Wheels characteristics. So, it had a Dodge Charger front end (that’s Chrysler), a Ford Galaxie/Mustang Coupe roof (that’s Ford), and a Buick Riviera bodyside (that’s GM). I merged them all together… The specific car parts were all 1966-67 vintage, of course… and added Hot Wheels features such as the red stripe tires (these days Hot Wheels collectors call them Red Line but in the late ‘60’s on muscle cars we called them red stripe), mag wheels, spoiler dome on the hood, side pipes and a vivid color.

– Harry Bentley Bradley