Packaging, Advertising, Puzzles and Games

Custom Shop Showcase Plaque
Car Carrier Showcase Plaque
1968 store display
Mattel Employee Award
Crack-Ups store display
Zappit package ad
Flying Colors store display
Chef Boy-Ar-Dee & Barbie Sizzler display
Lux Soap Hot Wheels giveaway ad
Lux Soap packaged Hot Wheels
Joiner Pak store display
Mattel employee paperweight
Halloween costumes
1970 promotional poster
Jack in the Box promotional cups
Mattel Hot Wheels clock
Rrrumblers and Hot Wheels trash cans
Sizzlin' Six Set Number 3
(only one known)
Old Mattel event poster
Prell Hot Wheels giveaway
Racing Stickers store display
Hot Wheels soundtrack record album
Mattel phone directory
Yard of Hot Wheels fabric
Sleeping Bag
Tune Up Tower
Prototype vertical display packaging (1977)
Prototype green racing track
The Fast Cars book
Hot Wheels & Wings
Hot Rocks sketches
Mattel bond
Action City tag
Action City case
Shell Station button
"Dear Friend" letter
Prototype racing timer mock-up
Hot Wheels suit
Shell's coin game
Mongoose and Snake original watercolor proof
1970 store display
Heisse Rader (German Hot Wheels track set)
Original oil painting
(featured on Heisse Rader packaging)
1970 catalog featuring
Indy Eagle and Shelby Turbine
Shell Station banner
Shell Station banner
Shell Station banner
Hot Wheels watch with case
Cost analysis form
Bridge 3 Pak
Curvas de Retorno
Speed Test Set
Hot Wheels wallet
Poster shipping box
Mad MAVERICK shipping box
Japanese Sizzler "Juice Machines"
Prototype case
Blue 1973 case
Rally case
Revvers Team Case
12 car Rally Case
(with tag)
Hot Wheels club charter member trophy
Fokker Triplane model kit with
included Red Baron Hot Wheels
Sizzler skateboard
Iron-on transfers